Silencer for any pump action or semiauto shotgun

The A-TEC A12 can be fitted to any shotgun with pump action or semiauto with choke system. It will be delivered with a choke that fits the gun of your choice.

Choke systems available:

  • A12 Choke Baikal
  • A12 Choke Crioplus 
  • A12 Choke Fabarm
  • A12 Choke Fair 
  • A12 Choke Invector 
  • A12 Choke Invector plus
  • A12 Choke Mobilchoke 
  • A12 Choke Optima HP Beretta
  • A12 Choke Remington 870
  • A12 Choke Remington Pro Bore
  • A12 Choke Yildiz

Warning: A-TEC A12 is ONLY approved for wadded 12/70 ga. ammunition, max 42g. US #2 or smaller shot size. Do not use slugs, reloaded or high speed ammunition. A-TEC is only approved for barrel length above 18".

Click here for instructions prior to use.