A12 instructions


Congratulations on purchasing your new A-TEC A12 shotgun silencer.

 Warning: A-TEC A12 is ONLY approved for wadded 12/70 ga. ammunition, max 42g. US #2 or smaller shot size. Do not use slugs, reloaded or high speed ammunition. A-TEC is only approved for barrel length above 18".

Attachment instructions:

Prior to use of the A12, the choke must be mounted correctly in the silencer.

  • Check that the two front screws and two backend screws are tight and that there are no foreign objects inside the silencer.
  • Check that you have the correct choke by trying it gently by hand in your barrel.
  • Screw the A12 choke all the way to the bottom of the threads in the A12 silencer.
  • Firmly tighten the lock nut with the supplied tools.
  • Screw the A12 silencer with choke attached on to your barrel.
  • Loosen the check nut.
  • Adjust the silencer to desired "clock" position.
  • Tighten the lock nut.

Dismantling for cleaning:

  • Unscrew the two screws on the front end of the A12 silencer with a 3 mm hex key.
  • Use your hand or a rubber/plastic mallet (gently) to push the inner tube until the back comes away from the sleeve.
  • Pull out the contents from the back.

The silencer is supplied as standard with one "modified" choke tube. The following choke types are currently available:

  • A12 Choke Baikal
  • A12 Choke Crioplus 
  • A12 Choke Fabarm
  • A12 Choke Fair 
  • A12 Choke Invector 
  • A12 Choke Invector plus
  • A12 Choke Mobilchoke 
  • A12 Choke Optima HP Beretta
  • A12 Choke Remington 870
  • A12 Choke Remington Pro Bore
  • A12 Choke Yildiz