Optima Flow

Optimal modular silencer for semi auto hunting rifles

Modular - frontmounted - for semi auto hunting rifles

Optima FLOW has a coaxial design that gives the shooter an unique advantages with a semi auto firearm which traditional suppressor designs cannot compete with. The coaxial design directs expanding gas away from the bore-line, and prevents blowback pressure out of the ejection port. This gives the shooter critical advantages as to stay on target and have faster follow-up shots.

Optima Flow comes with threads or optional A-LOCK mini. With A-LOCK mini you attach or detach the silencer with a 60 degree twist. It´s done in less than a second. Before shooting remember to properly check that your silencer is properly tighten.

For A-LOCK maintenance and fitting instruction click here!

The A-TEC Optima is extremely durable due to the hybrid design: A hardened aluminum alloy designed to handle high temperature, and a stainless steel core that will secure its lifespan to meet most shooters needs.