A-TEC PRS 2 mod

A-TEC PRS is a hybrid silencer/muzzle brake that combines the advantages from a full body silencer with a muzzle brake in one compact solution. All stainless steel construction and cerakote surface treatment enshures that it can handle a tough usage under all conditions.

Decibel measures done with calibre 6,5x55

Mounting the A-TEC PRS

1. Screw the thread inlet all the way into the muzzle brake, and one full turn out again.

2. Screw and torque up the contra nut

3. Screw this assembly on to the muzzle threads

4. Torque it up with a spanner on the two milled surfaces.

5. Loosen the contra nut, adjust the brake and torque it up again.

6. Apply Loctite to the male part of the insert to secure the the thread insert.