A-TEC A-Flow 1+3

As tough as it gets!

After extensive testing and development, we can now unveil the product. A-FLOW is a suppressor with patented flow technology. This generates less back pressure and less wear and tear on the weapon system. The coaxial design directs expanding gas away from the bore-line and prevents blowback pressure from the ejection port.

  • Less gas pressure at the ejection port
  • Less sound pressure to the right ear
  • Less toxic gas exposure for the shooter
  • Less cleaning and wear&tear for the weapon
  • Inconel parts for maximum durability
  • More reliable cycling

Feedback from our customers emphasises that this product is unique in producing a much better atmosphere around the ejection port.  Similar silencers from competing brands cause problems with respiration and eye irritation.

A-Flow technology eliminates these problems and also dramatically reduces recoil and sound pressure, making A-Flow the preferred silencer over competing brands.

A-Flow boosts the operator’s ability to carry out the task.

(Decibel numbers refers to calibre 7.62 NATO)