Carbon fibre is a strong composite material which can withstand high stress, but it is affected by temperature, as are other lightweight materials, when shooting a string of shots.

The Carbon silencer is only designed to shoot a limited string of rounds before being allowed to cool down. 10 rounds of standard calibres and 5 rounds on magnum (carbon03). We have therefore developed a calibrated temperature sticker (safety tag) that will indicate if your silencer has been exposed to high temperatures.The safety tag only works once and are only an indication and is not 100% accurate. After the first “Warning” indicator has been triggered, you will have no further warning of high temperature.

Stage 1 - Warning: You have reached the maximum working temperature. Note the number of shots fired in a string with your rifle(s) and stay within that limit. Further shooting before cooling can trigger the Stage 2 “Stop Use” indicator and is a violation of the use/maintenance instructions, invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.

Stage 2 - Stop Use: You have exceeded the safety limit and the carbon tube has suffered permanent heat damage. The carbon fibre tube MUST be replaced before further use. If the sticker is removed, or if indicator No. 2 “Stop Use” is triggered, you are infringing the warranty terms. Further use is prohibited and may result in injury or damage to persons or property.