Cleaning of silencers

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There is not only gun powder residue that can accumulate in your silencer. During shooting there is also condensation that forms inside the silencer, and this condensation contains ammonia, amongst other compounds.

Whether it is a modulebased silencer or a one-piece silencer, the cleaning should be done very gently. Let the silencer dry completely after us, then simply spray some aerosol and wipe of excess oil. If it is a one-piece silencer, not ment for dismantling, spray some areosol and store it upright and let it dry, or use compressed air to blow trough it.

It should be nedless to say: Don´t clean the silencers in a dishwasher or in a ultrasonic cleaner, and dont use any kind of chemicals ment for cleaning pure metal. It may damage the silencer and it will for shure damage the surface treatment that are applied to protect the silencer from corrosion.